Hey, world. The name is Sarah, a.k.a Waffles.

I’m 24 and was born and raised in Texas. I lived in Wichita Falls for the first 5 years and then moved to Dallas/Garland. I moved back to Fallstown in 2006 to finish my Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education at Midwestern State University. After graduation in 2009, I moved to Lewisville, where I currently hang my hat.

I met my two greatest friends in 2001 when I transfered to North Garland High School. I met Catfish at band camp and we immediately started talking about all manner of things and it’s just progressed into madness from there. I also met my husband, Mike, as well. We just got married in July after 8 years of high school, college and countless date nights!

I currently work at Lowe’s Home Improvement in Lewisville as the Credit/Special Order coordinator. It’s an ok job, but you will probably read about it some here on the blog. I am also a nerd, through and through. I’m slowly developing this side of me for Mike’s sake… and it’s not all that bad. He’s teaching me about the worlds of Star Trek, Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings and all other sorts of fun, nerdy type things. We’re both cinephiles, so we always hunker down at least one night a week and watch a movie and have some fun discussions afterwards.

So, you may be asking, “That’s all fine and good; but, where in the world did the name Waffles come from?” Well, this started as a result of Catfish calling me¬†Falafel (for some reason) and I remarked that I like waffles instead. Thus, the name was born.

Well, that’s all for now. Live long and prosper, dear readers!

-Waffles, out

  1. I dont even *like* falafel

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