Hi! My name is Catfish!

Actually, my name is Jessica, but my friends call me Catfish. That is a lie.  No one calls me Catfish. I came up with the name while watching some show with police dashcams. This drunk redneck got out of his car, and shouted at he officer “Catfish done gone on ahead!” and I saw that it was good.

Thus the moniker was born. I however, was born hereabouts 23 years ago, in a suburb in Texas. I am Texan through and through, despite my disdain for cheddar cheese and ranch dressing. I do not drive a truck–intead I drive a Nissan. I like long walks on the beach, picnics in meadows and cherry vodka sours. I also enjoy a nice chiraz.

I’m sure my BFF Waffles is just a chucklin’ up a storm. She knows I hate wine, sand, and allergens. Waffles and I have been friends for…is it nine years? Yeah, I think so. I was a freshman and she was a sophomore, and we were both band nerds, some of us more so than the other *COUGH* MUSIC ED DEGREE WAFFLES *COUGH*

I am a pharmacy technician and I work in Oncology. My favorite favorite favorite food is pizza with chicken and pineapple, my favorite color is green, and I think penguins are pretty nifty. Anything else…you’d probably read about in this here blog. Enjoy, and remember…anything I personally say is my views. I am mildly insane, so it probably isn’t always Perez Hilton quality. Maybe that’s a good thing…


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