Where We Tend To Differ

Posted: January 21, 2011 by catfishthegeek in religion, work

Okay, maybe I’ve been sensitive lately because in the training class for my new job they play contemporary Christian alternative. Like on breaks, during times when we need to work quietly. And it isn’t that I object too much on the account that I’m not even remotely a Christian in the traditional sense, but mostly because they didn’t even take into account that someone in our group might take offense.

I tread lightly on the subject of religion because no other topic really grinds so many gears or raises as much dander, except maybe politics, but since both prey on the very base of one’s beliefs and values they are pretty much the same topic nowadays. I am really afraid of offending this family member or that on Facebook because I’ve the relatives who have Christian beliefs on the very basis of their identity. Mainly, because I am not Christian at all. However, I’ve noticed that I’m often the most Christian of the main corps of people who claim this as their religion or identity on points that I wont elaborate on tonight.

The main problem I have is facebook statuses that essentially read “I trust that God will make it right” or “God is great for bringing this fortune upon me”  or things of that nature.

Really? No spine, have you? This tells me you are content to live your life on your knees with the trust that THIS will be alright because God has chosen you.

How… arrogant. Self-centered. Very un-Christ-like. The songs these contemporary Christians sing, in praise. Makes God and Jesus seem like narcissistic a-holes. One song that repeated many times today had a chorus that just mentioned to Jesus is their God. Another, “You are holy, holy.”

Juuuuuuuust in case you forgot that you were holy. Give. Me. A. Break.

The thing that really gets me is the “faith” aspect of the whole enchilada. It shows a lack of…ownership…in one’s life. It shows to me that  you refuse to take responsibility for how your life goes. Ever wonder why there are so many Christians in jail? That is mostly hypocrisy, and a whole bunch of lack of responsibility taken in one’s life. I do not leave this event or that event to “faith” or to “God.” This is where we tend to differ, the faithful and I.

I get up and I DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Then, when something good comes along, particularly something where I receive the rewards of my labors, I take the credit for it. My choices make what I do happen and matter. Yours too. I don’t care if you think that God steers your life. You are wrong. YOU do. When you take responsibility for your life and actions, a whole other world free of bronze-aged mythology and dogma opens up and you then fully realize your freedom and you are no longer enslaved by something meant to keep you small.


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