If only I could convey a proper carny voice: Welcome, welcome, welcome!

Posted: September 30, 2010 by catfishthegeek in Uncategorized

Well hidey ho there dear readers! This is the inaugural post from Catfish, one of the characters in this really awesome journey of redemption, salvation, communication, mastication…err…well… lets just say this is a forum for myself and my BFF Waffles to share with family/friends/the world our observations of madness, truth and frivolity. Sometimes, our posts will be all of the above and plus some. Waffles and I have introduced ourselves in our bio pages, so take a looksee if you’re really that interested in our backgrounds. Unfortunately, this blog is in infancy, and so it isn’t terribly interesting. Stay tuned, and you might even get some really nice barbs from our twitter feeds in the bottom of the page.

Anyway, questions/comments are welcome. Have a nice day, and be nice!


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