Where We Tend To Differ

Posted: January 21, 2011 by catfishthegeek in religion, work

Okay, maybe I’ve been sensitive lately because in the training class for my new job they play contemporary Christian alternative. Like on breaks, during times when we need to work quietly. And it isn’t that I object too much on the account that I’m not even remotely a Christian in the traditional sense, but mostly because they didn’t even take into account that someone in our group might take offense.

I tread lightly on the subject of religion because no other topic really grinds so many gears or raises as much dander, except maybe politics, but since both prey on the very base of one’s beliefs and values they are pretty much the same topic nowadays. I am really afraid of offending this family member or that on Facebook because I’ve the relatives who have Christian beliefs on the very basis of their identity. Mainly, because I am not Christian at all. However, I’ve noticed that I’m often the most Christian of the main corps of people who claim this as their religion or identity on points that I wont elaborate on tonight.

The main problem I have is facebook statuses that essentially read “I trust that God will make it right” or “God is great for bringing this fortune upon me”  or things of that nature.

Really? No spine, have you? This tells me you are content to live your life on your knees with the trust that THIS will be alright because God has chosen you.

How… arrogant. Self-centered. Very un-Christ-like. The songs these contemporary Christians sing, in praise. Makes God and Jesus seem like narcissistic a-holes. One song that repeated many times today had a chorus that just mentioned to Jesus is their God. Another, “You are holy, holy.”

Juuuuuuuust in case you forgot that you were holy. Give. Me. A. Break.

The thing that really gets me is the “faith” aspect of the whole enchilada. It shows a lack of…ownership…in one’s life. It shows to me that  you refuse to take responsibility for how your life goes. Ever wonder why there are so many Christians in jail? That is mostly hypocrisy, and a whole bunch of lack of responsibility taken in one’s life. I do not leave this event or that event to “faith” or to “God.” This is where we tend to differ, the faithful and I.

I get up and I DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Then, when something good comes along, particularly something where I receive the rewards of my labors, I take the credit for it. My choices make what I do happen and matter. Yours too. I don’t care if you think that God steers your life. You are wrong. YOU do. When you take responsibility for your life and actions, a whole other world free of bronze-aged mythology and dogma opens up and you then fully realize your freedom and you are no longer enslaved by something meant to keep you small.


Well, I’ve been…busy.  To say the least. I mean, really really busy. Doing very little of anything.

Okay. I’ll stop lying. No more half truths.

I really mean to say that Ive been really busy and when I’m not busy I do very little of anything. So I go to work. I go home, I park myself in my bed and watch TV.  Or I play with my computer, which due to a paranoid suspicion of anything net connected and electronic I keep unconnected to the net unless I’m going to use the net. Which is rare anymore. When I was thirteen, fourteen maybe, I was fascinated by the internet and all it had. I think I was obsessed with NSYNC at the time and I had discovered the fake persona and chat room. Now it has lost its glimmer and I realize it is full of idiots, idiots, more idiots and the occasional deep thought from ancient philosophers. And plus it is a bear to reconnect to the internet now that my network adaptor has bit the big one and the big USB dongle (yes. Dongle.) is a bit clumsy.

Unrelatedly, in the last few months I’ve lost quite a bit of my shame. Who cares, really. I am who I am. I have a past. I’ve BEEN places, and I’ve DONE things. Some of which are shameful, embarrassing or just plain stupid.

In that vein. I was also a hardcore Girl-Power Spice Girls FANATIC. I had posters. Really. My niece Daniell helped me put them up, you can ask her about my obsession with NSYNC and Spice Girls. I think even then I knew Lance Bass was gay, but deep in my heart I didn’t care. That boy could since a nice bass–and that only faintly resonated in a punny sorta way to me back then. My humor has refined. (This is where Waffles coughs, and then nods at me. She humors me. She’s great like that)

Annnnnywhozles, as I said back in my chat room days, I have been busy either working or spending shamelessly wonderful days and hours with the man who I could safely declare The Best Boyfriend Ever. Or just Boyfriend, for short. Whichever. And back around halloween, in fact, October 3oth, I handed in my resignation at Cancer Center after being asked to. I wont go into all of the gory details, just that they were bleepity bleeps and did their best to run me off which only worked after they dredged up some clerical errors that I made during my probationary period. And since December, I’ve been temping. Which is actually quite nice when the employer you are contracted to is specific with your duties. Let me just say that apparently they had some real dolts in the position with Mail Order Pharmacy Call Center because they were impressed with me and I worked myself out of my little part time job.

Monday I start with a new contract, and I have no idea what I’ll be doing, all I know is some data entry is required and the dress code is business casual. Which I think is code for black jeans without holes, but I could be incorrect as I often am in these situations.

My new years resolution is to read a book a month. A good one. And maybe post a…well, review I guess is what I’d call it. I’m personally not big on book reviewers, I rarely read their pieces, but I’d love to be one some day. So here’s to the new year, may it suck considerably less than last year.

Of Mexican food, The Planets and friendship…

Posted: October 5, 2010 by Waffles the Trekkie in Uncategorized

So, Catfish and I got to step out on the town, have some cheap Mexican food and take in a performance of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. I can’t necessarily speak for Catfish, but the music was amazing and definitely worth the trip to the Meyerson.

Today’s post is about friendship. Catfish and I have been friends for going on 10 years now. There have been ups and downs, good times and bad,  hurt feelings and frustrations; but, in the end, here we are, still laughing and living life as our usual crazy selves. It makes me wonder – What keeps friendships going nowadays? How do you start and/or maintain a good relationship in an age where it’s all about what goes down on Facebook and gossip mills are the only acceptable sources of information? Just something to ponder.

Now here’s the real question… why are you sitting there, reading this? Go enjoy the weather!!!

Until next time, live long and prosper 🙂

Coming soon, when I find out how this whole jury duty thing will pan out. Ciao!

What Gets My Gullet, also Ponderings on Time/Destiny

Posted: October 1, 2010 by catfishthegeek in Uncategorized

Absolutely nothing right now. I’m happy. Not just happy, but ecstatic. Mirthful, convival, gleeful.

And of course, my feminist ancestors (hah. fat chance) and heroes would be spinning in their graves if they could hear my next statement. (Tangent: Oooh, I have a solution for the energy crisis. Encase the dead in copper, make their coffins out of magnets, and when they spin they generate electricity. In this case I am pretty sure I’d be able to power all of the boroughs of New York plus half of Connecticut). I am happy, because of The Boyfriend.

I don’t base my happiness on other people, generally. In fact, it is more often that I base my unhappinesson other people. But I think I’m going to be okay if I let him make me happy, which I think has been a huge issue in some of the relationships I’ve been in the past–in addition to the fact that I seem to pick people with issues.

All in all, things are great. My job is still challenging–but I look at it this way: I’ve been doing this kind of work since…January/March. I’ve got time, time, time.

My dear colleague, my dear old soup tureen, Waffles, mentioned destiny in her post earlier. I personally do not belief in destiny in the ways she does. Destiny isn’t what happens to you–you make your destiny.

It is my opinion and observation that your world, your immediate atmosphere, is yours to mold by the choices you make and the choices you don’t make. Let me clarify: the simple act of not choosing, is in and of itself a choice. To take a page out of my own history, if you do nothing to keep someone you care about with you and near you, they will leave and find someone else who will give them what they need. By not choosing to be free with your affection, to be free with your kind words, you’ve chosen to let them go. And I’m happier for it, so I wont complain. But that’s the example I’m choosing to use. And in essence I’m choosing not to be a pharmacist by not finishing school, because I’ve decided that having a life is more important than an absorbing career.

I do envy Waffles, not for her station in life, but because she knows what her destiny is. I’m perfectly content to be a technician for the rest of my working life–but I don’t know that that is what I will do. I know eventually I’ll have my family and golden retriever, but for right now I’m having fun on Friday date nights and shopping on saturday nights with my BFF.

But while we’re on the subject of destiny, I would like to share what I’d like to do if given the means. I’d be a freelance writer. Blogs, magazines, books, whatever. If that ever happens, I expect to receive a purple smoking jacket made of satin with black trim and a pipe. Just FYI, my birthday is in August.

Your first, best destiny…

Posted: September 30, 2010 by Waffles the Trekkie in Uncategorized

“If I may be so bold, it was a mistake for you to accept promotion. Commanding a starship is your first, best destiny. Anything else is a waste of material.” – Commander Spock to Admiral Kirk

As some of you may know, I’ve started getting into Star Trek. I was watching Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and heard this quote. The scene – Kirk is an admiral now in Star Fleet and he is miserable. He essentially has a desk job and only gets to see his old crew when it’s a matter of business. He is going through a midlife crisis and a birthday all at one time and is not a happy camper. He opens up to Spock about feeling useless and old and Spock busts out with the quote at the top. This got me thinking… are we all really destined to do something? The key word is destiny, which is what this post will be about.

I am currently working a retail job for a decent company, and yet I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I will not be there for an extended amount of time. This isn’t what I went to college for and this is certainly not where my dreams are taking me. My response, after hearing this quote, is to wonder if teaching music is really what I’m supposed to do with my life. I’ve gotten good at many things over the last 3-5 years and I’m just wondering if it’s possible to be truly destined to do one thing and have one singular passion in life.

Well, this wraps up my ramblings for now. Thanks for reading 🙂

Well hidey ho there dear readers! This is the inaugural post from Catfish, one of the characters in this really awesome journey of redemption, salvation, communication, mastication…err…well… lets just say this is a forum for myself and my BFF Waffles to share with family/friends/the world our observations of madness, truth and frivolity. Sometimes, our posts will be all of the above and plus some. Waffles and I have introduced ourselves in our bio pages, so take a looksee if you’re really that interested in our backgrounds. Unfortunately, this blog is in infancy, and so it isn’t terribly interesting. Stay tuned, and you might even get some really nice barbs from our twitter feeds in the bottom of the page.

Anyway, questions/comments are welcome. Have a nice day, and be nice!